Architectural Review Committee Request Form

ARC Change Request Form

Most exterior changes require approval by the Board of Directors before changes are made unless otherwise outlined in your governing documents. Any unapproved changes are considered violations and may be subject to violation letters and fines. It is a good idea to review the governing documents before submitting your request.

Examples of things that need approval, but are not limited to:
Adding/removing/moving trees or bushes
Painting house

To submit your request, please fill out the attached form and return it to us via email to You can also mail the request in to PO Box 26844, Charlotte, NC 28221 or fax it to 704-509-2429. Please fill out the form completely and submit all required documents including but not limited to a copy of the property survey, color and/or material samples, and photos or drawings of the changes. Failure to do so will delay the process as the Board can not make a decision until everything is received.

Once your request is received, it will be processed by our ARC liaison, then forwarded to the Board for review. Please note the processing time for a new request is 24 – 48 hours and the Board typically has a review period of 30 days unless otherwise outlined in the governing documents.

ARC Change Request Form